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Jul 10

Privet development

I’ve been quite pleased with how quickly the privet grows, although it is a two-edged sword. It also means quite a bit more work, but it is great to see development in one season rather than several. It took me a bit to catch on that it needed defoliating to reveal the structure and make [...]

Apr 14

Suthin Compresses the Trunk

The clamp Suthin is using to squeeze the trunk together makes it possible to work without a helper.

Apr 12

Suthin Shimpaku p2.

Of course, as anyone who knows Frank would understand, I had to warn when I was beginning to record. I’ve always been a bit bothered by the regularity of the coils on this tree, but of course, the plan has been to compress them. Suthin demonstrates this very well over the course of this series [...]

Apr 12

Suthin Sukosolvisit-Shimpaku Juniper

I had the pleasure of visiting with Suthin Sukosolvisit while he was working with Frank Kroeker in Topeka on Sunday. He worked on two of my trees, including this shohin shimpaku which I won in a raffle three years ago, which Suthin grew from a cutting. I like the idea of having him then work [...]

Mar 17

Japanese Black Pine Restyle

This is the tree I used in my grafting article, “Bud Grafting on Japanese Black Pine.” I’ve had this tree for over ten years, and the branches are quite leggy at the bottom, as all were there when I purchased the tree. In a bid to move forward with it, I’ve pruned and wired it, [...]

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