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Video Review: Bonsai Boon Training Video Series–”Repotting: An Important Start to a Healthy Bonsai”

Before a tree can handle any work we do to it, one caveat is heard time and time again. “If your tree is not healthy, do NOT work on it!” But healthy trees come from more than just sunshine, fertilizer, and water. They must be repotted regularly and correctly. Improper potting technique can cost a tree its vitality and even its life.

This video should be required curriculum for every bonsai enthusiast and club. Boon’s teaching is detailed and well captured, with full explanations for the reasons behind each step of the process. Following this technique carefully will help anyone produce healthier bonsai.

Every step of repotting a tree is covered from cutting the wires tying the tree into the pot to the final watering of the repotted tree. An explanation of the treatment of the roots and what to look for with the roots and how to seat the tree properly in the pot give substance to what many enthusiasts might consider old wives’ tales these days.

Boon is a great teacher, and this comes out in this video series. Why do we pot the tree so that the soil will be flat and below the surface of the pot? What is the most secure way to tie the tree into the pot? What is the correct technique for settling soil into the pot using chopsticks? These questions and more are answered eloquently and simply.

This video is an excellent reference for beginner and advanced enthusiast alike. You will refer to it again and again. Unless I miss my guess, Boon will be producing more of these great DVDs. I intend to own them all.

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